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Company Introduction

Mamur (Hong Kong) International Trading Co., Ltd is a supplier engaging in the design, development , production and sales of car and tuck auto parts and
the after-sales maintenance market service around the globe.
Mamur has set up authorized joint venture factories and companies in 26 countries. And successfully occupy the market in these areas, business all over the world, is one of the world's leading auto parts manufacturers.

The management philosophy of Mamur is People Oriented, Regulation Based, Quality Focused and Innovation Insisted. In Mamur’s operation, improvement of product quality is taken the priority.
Mamur adhere to the "production of high-quality products, to meet customer needs, and constantly go beyond the self, to create the industry brand" is the quality policy, to the "credibility first, customer first" for the purpose of service,And is committed to providing users with quality products and good after-sales service. And now become outstanding in the Auto 
Parts Industry.
There are mainly four series of Mamur’s products.
1. Engine Series: Cylinder Components/Piston/Piston Ring/Valve/Crankshaft Bearing/Connecting Rod Bearing/Oil Pump/Water Pump Assembly/Camshaft/
Engine Gasket Set/Cylinder etc.
2. Clutch Series: Clutch Disc/ Clutch Cover
3. Brake Shoe Assembly Series: Brake Pad/Hand Brake/Drum Brake
4. Filter Series: Air Filter/Oil Filter/Fuel Filter/Air-conditioner Filter
Mamur has its own Product Development Center and Test Center, which forms an independent technology development system. Mamur’s products are 
suitable for various vehicle types and exported to Europe, the United State, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other countries /regions. It has also
established a strong sales network all over the country in various provinces, cities and regions. All in all, Mamur will do its best to offer the best service to the esteemed car users.

It produces customer-oriented exquisite products and draws essence form the auto parts industry in quality,price and service etc,thus creats a socially recognized masterpiece.